The LMC Logbook is about sharing your adventures, past and present with the club.  If you would like to submit an article, please email .  

Words can be submitted in a Microsoft Word document, or just plain text in the email.  Please send your photographs as attachments.  Try to keep it less than 10 pictures per article (we don’t have too much disc space).  We’ll trim the pictures to 1000px wide to save space.  If you can tell us the captions for the pictures that would be great.  

*You know your friends, some don’t mind being in photos published on the internet, but others do – please respect their wishes.

** Individuals can request to have a photo of them removed

**** Not done anything outdoors recently (Really ?) Went on an adventure a long time ago, don’t worry, we want to read about it, come on, we are stuck at home we need entertaining.  

**** Authors can request to have their article removed.