Capel Curig

We cant lie.  It was February.  There was no snow.  The forecast was for no snow, 5 degrees, wind and lots and lots of rain and still we packed the ice axes, the ice screws the warthogs, but we knew.. there would be no snow.  So we  found a pack of cards, and after the early birds had gone to bed…  the card games started…

Needless to say, it was one of those weekends.  Low expectations going into it led to a memorable meet.  Saturday we woke late, well some of us did, others kitted out in a variety of waterproof clothing hustled and bustled and made for the outdoors.  We made bacon and egg sandwhiches and prepared for a lazy day.  The Beacon climbing wall beconed and the challenge was to see how long we could stay indoors.

First things first, we might have had too much to drink on Friday night, but the grades, the grades at the Beacon Wall, they make Yorkshire look like a soft touch.  We had a break, had some coffee and cake, the grades didn’t get any easier.  More breaks, more cake if anything they were getting harder.  5 hours later (maybe 6) another T-break and time to call it a day. Mission accomplished.  Warm dry and not wet we returned to the hut.


Winter evenings are best held in the pub with some ale, it turned out to be the wrong pub, so we had a drink and then went to the correct pub.  This one had a coal fire that was as hot as a nuclear furnace.  The team meal was set for 8 pm, so that meant by about 9 we had all gathered in the hut kitchen to watch the miracle in action.

Suddenly, with no delay at all, the oven baked vegetables, chicken fahitas all appeared at once and having had two people drop out we had just enough food to go around.  Followed by several unfeasably large puddings.

I needed an early night so its difficult to say what the others had got up to. But the very next day promised something more. Sunshine. Joe Brown’s climbing shop beckoned… we picked up a sport climbing guidebook and went roadside cragging…. in February !

Bolts !
It was a little chilly though
Belaying in the car park