LMC Logbook

Lockdowns are over … the PINGDEMIC is here.

That means… its time to go on a summer expedition

… and to tell us what you got up to…  (Submissions

August 2020
In search of unknown stones
The journey to wombling free Part II Imposter Boulderer Womble
Helen Burns
Gower - May 21
Lindsay McMorran
LMC Gazette - Despatches from April
The Road to 7a? Part 2: Back on the Sharp End
Lindsay McMorran
The Journey to Wombling Free
Part I: joining the LMC
Helen Burns
500 Words for 500 Climbs
Essential Climbing Equipment - Part I The Camera
The Road to 7a? Part 1: Surviving Lockdown
Lindsay McMorran
Leroy, The Leeds Mountaineer
How it goes at E1.
Penny - Aug 20
Italy 2020
John Armitage
The Stanage VS Challenge
Will & Penny
Corvus - in the Rain
John Armitage
Summer Evenings
Millstone Buttress - Lukasz Kisala
Will - 2019
Capel Curig - Feb 2020
Buttermere - Sept 2019
Mount Khuiten Expedition
Ken Findlay - August 2019
Bluebell Wood Foraging Diary
Lindsay - March 2020
Hayley - March 20
A Tantivy around the Dolomites: The Italian Job
Sara - Summer 2019
Queens of Grit.
Lindsay - Summer 2019
Tyn Lon.
Sep 2019