LMC Logbook

Heading into Autumn, need some motivation to get through those rainy evenings ?

The home of modern climbing photojournalism is here (sic).

Read all about the latest club trips and to tell us what you got up to before the next international HGV crisis brings the UK to a shuddering halt.


Coniston Coppermines
10-12th September 2021
Still Sunny on Skye
John Armitage
August 2020
In search of unknown stones
The journey to wombling free Part II Imposter Boulderer Womble
Helen Burns
Gower - May 21
Lindsay McMorran
LMC Gazette - Despatches from April
The Road to 7a? Part 2: Back on the Sharp End
Lindsay McMorran
The Journey to Wombling Free
Part I: joining the LMC
Helen Burns
500 Words for 500 Climbs
Essential Climbing Equipment - Part I The Camera
The Road to 7a? Part 1: Surviving Lockdown
Lindsay McMorran
Leroy, The Leeds Mountaineer
How it goes at E1.
Penny - Aug 20
Italy 2020
John Armitage
The Stanage VS Challenge
Will & Penny
Corvus - in the Rain
John Armitage
Summer Evenings
Millstone Buttress - Lukasz Kisala
Will - 2019
Capel Curig - Feb 2020
Buttermere - Sept 2019
Mount Khuiten Expedition
Ken Findlay - August 2019
Bluebell Wood Foraging Diary
Lindsay - March 2020
Hayley - March 20
A Tantivy around the Dolomites: The Italian Job
Sara - Summer 2019
Queens of Grit.
Lindsay - Summer 2019
Tyn Lon.
Sep 2019