LMC Logbook

As the 2020 meet calendar has been interrupted by the events in the news we wanted something to keep all our spirits up before we can get back to the mountains. 

We invite all members to send in trip reports from the past and micro-adventures from the present. (Submissions)

Every Sunday night we will update the logbook so that you can look forward to reading about our adventures.

Corvus - in the Rain
John Armitage
Summer Evenings
Millstone Buttress - Lukasz Kisala
Will - 2019
Capel Curig - Feb 2020
Buttermere - Sept 2019
Mount Khuiten Expedition
Ken Findlay - August 2019
Bluebell Wood Foraging Diary
Lindsay - March 2020
Hayley - March 20
A Tantivy around the Dolomites: The Italian Job
Sara - Summer 2019
Queens of Grit.
Lindsay - Summer 2019
Tyn Lon.
Sep 2019
TBC Trip Report Pending ...
TBC Trip Report Pending...